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Friday, March 29, 2013

Trike Fever Claims Another Victim

Earlier this week, while speaking with a new friend of mine, I got the chance to tell him about my trike and how much I enjoy it over an upright bike. I guess my enthusiasm was infectious (too carry on the theme of this post's title) as he went home and immediately started looking at the ICE website.

Well, long story short, today I spent some time with him helping to build up his brand new ICE Sprint.

I have to say, I love my trike but this one really pulls out all the stops. Some of the things that have changed over the years since I got my Trice QNT are apparent in the website photos and text. However, there were a few surprises today.

 Here's some off the top of my head:
  1. Mesh Seat: is now much nicer, has padded edging sewn on and a top pocket. Same great support system.
  2. Front Post: area that extends is now black with adjustment markings. Looks nice.
  3. Front Post: area beyond the black one mentioned above is now painted to match your trike. Mine is all silver. I think this is a very nice visual enhancement.
  4. Seat Adjustment Bracket: now black rather than aluminum, looks nice but you'll never see it..
  5. Front Suspension: this looks very well engineered. Mine does not have this. It is an option (see models below).
  6. Steering Tie Rod: black rather than aluminum, looks nice.
  7. Crank Arms: black rather than aluminum.
  8. All Rims: black rather than aluminum. Janet's are too, mine are not. Looks great.
  9. Handle Bars: now black and have a new shape allowing shifter cabling to drop out the bottom rather than come out from the rubber grip.
  10. Parking Brake: actual brake rather than just the Velcro strap. Now standard, used to be an upgrade.
  11. Rear Swing Arm: built with a different design that uses standard bike type tubing rather than the big over-sized tubes that are on mine and Janet's. Works great but I'm actually very happy that I have the old version here as mine looks very cool.
So basically, a lot of the changes are aesthetic and very nice. The ones that are functional look like definite upgrades to me.

Most importantly, I have another friend on an ICE trike, which are the best trikes I've ever seen in person to date.

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